Wednesday, January 15, 2014

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Thank You Jully Black

Last week I posted this photo on Instagram:

I posted it because 1. I love the song. 2. The song was totally speaking to me that day.

What happened next I didn't expect, and I just have to say a big giant Thank You to Jully Black.
After posting it she reached out to me. I actually got a message from her! How awesome is that?! It totally made my day, and when I think about it, still makes me smile and brightness my day!
She is not only an amazing talented artist, but amazing person. Beautiful inside and out.

Thank you Jully Black!

I highly recommend giving her music a listen. Totally motivation and will get you up and moving and feeling great!
You can find her music on iTunes, and in stores. You can also find her on Twitter here.


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